Sotiris Mousouris :   My view of the US abandonment of Afghanistan

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The abandonment of the Afghans- once more- by the US and the democratic world in general has been a geostrategic and moral mistake and a historical scandal.

For twenty years the US and NATO  were incapable to support a nation building strategy. They spent millions -and many earned millions – and sacrificed thousands of young soldiers and many more Afghans.

 The withdrawal was decided and conducted in a cursory, politically unprepared slapdash manner totally neglecting the fate of the Afghan people.


Although the Trump administration, using the deplorable US ambassador Khalilzad, broke the deal with the Taliban ignoring the Afghan government, it is the Biden administration that will be remembered for the American surrender. It is a pity because President Biden is sensitive to political decency and to human rights. His decision to honour Trump’s agreement is probably his first grave mistake.

Sotiris Mousouris

Former Personal Representative of the UN Secretary General for Afghanistan and Pakistan

15 August 2021


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