Turkey’s axis is under attack. You will lose this fight!

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İbrahim Karagül Yeni Safak


They are seeking out undemocratic paths. They are establishing alliances. They are building fronts. They are assuming roles – willingly or on someone’s instructions – in plans and scenarios that will devastate Turkey.

They are taking steps with political myopia, personal ambitions and the desire for revenge which will set ablaze our cities, our homes, and turn the country into Syria. They are making attempts aimed at shrinking and weakening Turkey.

They are relying on social unrest, on violence, on terrorism, on internal conflict, on hate speech, and on social division. They are playing games with our nation’s nerve endings, attacking their sacred values, unaware that the outcome will harm them as well.

Foreign, exhaustive, destructive

They abandoned legitimate mechanisms, legitimate political methods, legitimate channels. They deviated from the right path. They became entrapped in the scenarios of others. They disassociated themselves from all that would benefit Turkey.

They are taking steps and getting entwined in formations that will essentially give the country, the nation, the past and the future hostage to the power domains of the old colonialist, pro-tutelage states and global companies.

Their political language, the path they have chosen to take, their goals, are not “Turkey’s way.” They are not one of us; they are not what we associate with the identity of Turkey. They are foreign, external, exhaustive, and destructive.

They forgot their patriotism, their nationalism, their promise

They forgot their conservativeness. They forgot their nationalism. They forgot their patriotism. They pushed aside all that is represented by these identities.

They forgot all the promises they made for this cause until now; they forgot the fight they put up and the prices they paid. They forgot their past. They took a path that will give hostage their future to others.

They are attacking, weakening and trivializing every notion that makes the state powerful, that unites the people, that is paving the way for Turkey and making it rise in the new global storm.

They’re sabotaging our recovery a century later

They are sabotaging Anatolia’s recovery after a century. Instead of supporting it, instead of turning over a new leaf in our millennium-old history in the region, instead of celebrating this joy and glee together, they are attacking it from within.

Instead of spreading a great miracle in waves from the Middle East to Central Asia, from Central Africa to South Asia, while they should be supporting recovery after a collapsed and plundered empire, while they should be marching with honor, they are instead bringing Turkey into line on behalf of the colonialist states of the past which are now collapsing.

They are seeking a sign from Biden, help from Pentagon, terror barons

They are calling on the U.S. for help. They are waiting for a sign from Joe Biden’s administration, instructions from the White House. They are relying on the Pentagon, and its terror barons in Syria and Iraq. They accept the U.S.’s friends as their own, and treat Turkey’s allies as foes.

They are building political alliances with the armed forces of those who have been carrying on an indirect war with Turkey for five decades through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and other terrorist organizations; they consider as enemies every group, every movement and every struggle that stands by Turkey.

How many thousand Turkish citizens were martyred through the terrorist organizations armed by the U.S.? Thinking about this alone is enough to determine a party’s political identity. If you are devoted to Turkey, then this criterion alone will be enough.

They sided with the French in the East Mediterranean, the Greeks in the Aegean

They are calling on European countries for help. They are declaring partners all institutions and marginal groups of the EU. Very much like the last period of the Ottoman Empire, they are receiving instructions via European countries’ embassies, and drawing power from European capitals.

We are competing in the Mediterranean against France; however, they chose to support the French. In the initiative in Africa, they judge Turkey through the lens of France. They supported the Armenians and Europe in Karabakh. They supported Greece and the EU in the Aegean dispute.

They openly support the PKK in Syria, while they secretly support Daesh and its patrons. They cooperate with whomever is against Turkey, making breakthroughs and establishing strong relations with them.

Power plays by groups inside Turkey, invasion attempts by foreign forces

How is it that the power plays of those inside the country and the plans of those abroad to take Turkey hostage overlap to such an extent? Who designed this? Who built this front? Why does Turkey’s opposition consider terrorist organizations and their bosses as its partners, instead of the nation, the state and our common future? This is the sort of threat, the sort of danger we are facing. And this is no longer an issue of domestic politics.

We will never again go through the collapse we experienced in the early 20th century. This is such a great struggle that it is a preparation for the great future, by drawing inspiration from centuries-old history.

They’re writing scenarios of unrest they will set fire to our streets, homes

They made 10 attempts in the last 10 years. We thwarted them then, and we will thwart them again. We will not only hinder their attempts but also progress with much firmer steps. This war, which is carried out with foreign instructions, will be overcome as well.

We witnessed that those whom they rely on do not have the strength necessary to bring Turkey to its knees. We know that they are enmeshed in major power struggles, that these struggles are wasting them away, and how they will act from now on.

We are aware of their plans for unrest aimed at setting fire to our streets and homes, spreading from Bosporus University to all other universities, from Istanbul to all other cities.

We have been on watch since Manzikert. Not long left for 2023

We will be on watch against all internal and foreign threats until 2023. This watch is not that of the soldiers and police, but that of everybody who belongs to this land. We have been on this watch since the Battle of Manzikert, on every inch of land in Anatolia and the region.

Our troops have been being martyred on this land for centuries. Our psychology and resistance cannot be broken with the recklessness, the effect of armed organizations, the Trojan horses of the U.S., Europe, or any other power, and with the impact of the civil society organizations and marginal groups funded by them.

A war lost before it started. You do not have the power to make us surrender

They are carrying on a long-lost war. This war gained them terror and tutelage states, but lost them Turkey, the nation, and our common identity. Through this, they lost the Turkey axis.

Turkey’s axis is the intellect and belief resisting against the Crusader invasions. It is the idea that recovered the region after all the disasters and invasions which had destroyed it and paved the way for great leaps.

Those who fail to see this and reject it, those who have alienated themselves from Turkey have nothing to teach us. They cannot call us to account, take control over or threaten us. Neither they nor their masters have the power to make us kneel.

Therefore, let us join our powers to expedite Turkey’s strengthening. Remember, we are no longer discussing politics on a domestic scale. We are now discussing Turkey’s power showdown at a global level.

So, side with Turkey.

Yeni Safak


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