• Demetrios Tsailas(rtd) Rear Admiral Retired Rear Admiral of the Senior Naval Command of Northern Greece and former director of the department of the Supreme Joint War College for Security and Strategy
Keywords: Armed force, hybrid threats, Greece, Turkey, relations, strategy


Review paper

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37458/ssj.1.2.6

We know that the strategy must create the basic knowledge that links both the ways and the means to achieve the desired political goals and strategic results. This logical method is a continuous thought process that provides strategic intent and informs ways, creating links to strategic planning that lead to the use of means, in military operations. This factor is the element that includes calculating, sleight and creating a logic or chain of results in strategy. In this paper, after considering a strategy distillation, we will analyze the context of hybrid warfare in strategic planning, which is of particular concern to us in Greek-Turkish relations.


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Security Science Journal Vol.1 No.2