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Austrian police have recently arrested an Afghan-born sexual delinquent who had been targeting young boys in the towns of Linz and Traun. Victims of the 36-year-old asylum seeker were harassed and even threatened with murder, after being stalked.

On February 26, the Afghan allegedly molested a 12-year-old boy in a shopping centre in Traun, reports. He attempted to have sex with the minor, who initially managed to escape to a tram station but was followed by the attacker when leaving the mall.

After catching up with his intended victim, the migrant tried luring the boy to his house. As an alternative, the 36-year-old asked the boy to join him for a walk to the main station in order to have sex in the public toilet that is located there. According to police reports, “the accused did not leave the minor until he sought help from strangers.”

The refugee had also threatened to kill the boy if he would inform the authorities of the assault, leaving his victim completely terrified.

Attacks in Linz

Extensive police investigations linked the molestation to another incident that had happened on the same day. In a street car in Linz, this time, the migrant groped a 12-year-old boy between his legs. The victim had to forcefully push away the attacker multiple times before the man left him alone.

Apparently, the teenager had been regularly stalked and harassed by the displaced person since last December. He kissed him against his will and demanded kisses as well. Furthermore, the Afghan tried to grope, hug, and undress the minor. Another boy from Linz also fell victim to the asylum seeker in this same period.

According to Kronen Zeitung, the refugee was arrested when sitting on a bench. The suspect, who lives in the city of Leonding (Upper Austria), is still detained.

Iraqi family commits gang rape in Vienna 

In Vienna, nine suspects of an even more serious case of sexual violence were today convicted, after having been charged with gang-raping a German woman during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Austria’s capital city 14 months ago. Eight of the accused men, who all belong to the same Iraqi family, received prison sentences from 9 up to 13 years, Kronen Zeitung reports, one was acquitted.

The 28-year-old victim was plied with drinks in a restaurant and subsequently abducted by four men, who dragged her to an apartment where five other men were waiting. She was then raped by the kidnappers, some of whom abusing her both vaginally and anally.


After the gang rape, that lasted for more than two hours, some of the assailants took selfies with the terrified woman, while others sang and danced. When the victim’s ordeal had finally ended, she was dumped near a tram station.

The Arab rapists are between 22 to 47 years of age. Some of them have already been accepted as asylum seekers by Austria, after passing the ‘gates of Vienna’ with their families in 2015.

Sentence not final, deportation possible

Today’s sentence is not final. It furthermore remains to be seen whether Austra will be able to deport some of the men after they have served their prison sentences.

By David Frankenhuis

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