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The world increasingly speaks of Russia’s violation of international Maritime law to the detriment of not only Ukraine but also global navigation and may soon apply countermeasures, which are already at the hearing.

“Russia has learned to pretend to be blind and deaf, when it comes to international law, and to portray a poker player when creates chaos in the sea of Azov, which it considers its ancestral lands. Many in Ukraine see the situation on the Azov through the Russian prism of a distorted perception of the world and trying to spread in the society despair and despondency. However, the European Parliament resolution of 26 October on the situation in the Azov sea reminds us of the reality,” said Kachka.

According to experts, much attention is paid to questions of international Maritime law and its violation by the Russian Federation.

“In addition to a General assessment of the illegality of Russia’s actions in the first paragraph of the operative part of the document, the European Parliament pays particular attention to specific abuses: Russia abusing the right to an inspection, violates the rights of navigation. Excessive and unwarranted inspection of ships are illegal. We are talking about the freedom of transit passage of vessels on the Kerch Strait and Azov sea, freedom of navigation in the territorial waters of Ukraine. In the same context all the complex sovereign rights of Ukraine, defined by the UN Convention on the law of the sea. Talking about the illegality of the construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait, the Ukrainian illegal mining of mineral resources of the Russian Federation”, – says the adviser.

He also stressed that all these provisions are important in view of the fact that the world increasingly speaks of Russia’s violation of international Maritime law to the detriment of not only Ukraine but also global navigation.

“It doesn’t matter that the violations occur in semi-enclosed sea coastal countries which are Ukraine and Russia. For all the Maritime States of the violation of basic norms of international Maritime law are unacceptable. Therefore, it is important to constantly emphasize the inadmissibility of violation. For us this means supporting the efforts of Ukraine in combating illegal behavior of Russia and confirmation of the correctness of our position in relation to the actions of the Russian Federation and the applicability of international law of the sea in the situation on the Azov”, – said the Pitching.

The expert is convinced that Russia must stop the chaos, otherwise you’ll get counter-sanctions in response to their actions.

“The European Parliament stresses that Russia should stop baseless and discriminatory inspections of vessels in the sea of Azov, and if not – get the required countermeasures. Here it should be noted that the resolution referred to the violation of the law of the sea by Russia in the Baltic sea against Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. In the Baltic sea, Russia is using the freedom of navigation as a basis for the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2″. So the idea of countermeasures against Russia emanating from the EU institutions, opens the debate on whether the government creating arbitrary and violates the basic norms of international law of the sea of Azov and Baltic seas, use the same rule in their favor against those States whose rights it violates. To date, no project of such countermeasures is not considered. However, the EP resolution, this idea became an official item on the agenda”, – said the adviser.



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