New Russian ship sunk by Ukrainian drones

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The Russian landing ship Caesar Kunikov ( Project 775, NATO reporting name: Ropucha-I-class) would have been sunk by Ukrainian drones in the Black Sea on the morning of February 14, Ukrainska Pravda reported, citing Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) sources.

It would be the fourth landing ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet to be sunk since the beginning of the invasion. The Russian Ministry of Defense had previously claimed on February 14 to have shot down nine drones overnight, six of which were over the Black Sea. The attack took place off Alupka, southern Crimea, and from the video that has been released, the ship can be seen being repeatedly hit by several maritime drones attacking it from both sides. From the last frames, it can be inferred that the ship would have capsized before sinking.

Local Telegram channels then shared videos of helicopters flying low over the water, apparently searching for something.

Ukrainian military intelligence sources stated that its agents were responsible for the attack and consequently the Caesar Kunikov has sunk.

[Video] New Russian ship sunk by Ukrainian drones



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