Balkan journalistic conciliation

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By Pantelis Savvidis

Erdogan and his power team are a problem for the whole region. They threaten peace and this can be considered a common finding. Even Turkish democratic journalists who did not submit to the aggressive nationalism of the Turkish president, who fantasizes about the greatness of the Ottoman Empire, agree with this statement.

The Ottoman Empire was a state form a bygone era. The people of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Middle East, are tired of instability and war. They want to live in peace. There are ways to solve problems like this, if countries rely on international law.

International law as the basis for resolving disputes and the absolute desire for peace, can be the basis for the convergence of journalists in the wider region to form a peaceful public opinion and a peaceful political mentalité in political power. The European Union is the only body that could undertake such a journalistic initiative.

When I was an active member of the  Union of Journalist of Macedonia and Thrace, in the early 1990s, we successfully attempted to do so, creating the Balkan Federation of Journalists. Time to revive.  With the help of European institutions.

Let the Unions of Journalists in the Balkan Countries move in this direction.

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