Department Press Briefing – September 26, 2022- Greek Islands

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QUESTION: Greece has recently deployed tens of armored vehicles and tanks to the islands of non-military status just close to Turkish mainland. And are you – aren’t you concerned that these tensions or escalations provoked by Greece is actually mounting?

MR PRICE: Our basic premise is that at a time when Russia has once again invaded a sovereign state and the transatlantic community and the international community is standing with the people of Ukraine and against Russian aggression, now is not the time for statements or any actions that could raise tensions between NATO Allies. We continue to encourage our NATO Allies to work together to maintain peace and security in the region and to resolve any differences they may have diplomatically.

QUESTION: But on this, can you tell us if these islands are – belong to Greece or to Turkey?

MR PRICE: Again, it is – we are encouraging our NATO Allies to resolve any disagreements they may have diplomatically. We think —

QUESTION: But what is the U.S. position on this?

MR PRICE: We think we should remain focused on what is a collective threat to all of us, and that’s Russia’s aggression.



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