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Αυτό το άρθρο δημοσιεύτηκε την παραμονή των Χριστουγέννων στην τουρκική γλώσσα από την WASHINGTON POST  . Η εφημερίδα έδινε την δυνατότητα στους αναγνώστες να το μεταφράσουν στα αγγλικά.   

Turkey’s new Islamist elite to get a taste of ostentatious consumption

By Can Dundar

Büşra Nur, “wonderland” With several stunning videos that share in the life became the subject of the day in Turkey.

Here is the exaggerated wedding … And here is the entrance image from the door of the Ottoman-style pavilion, accompanied by a lullaby specially composed for the newborn with his newborn baby mev

There are two reasons why the videos are the subject of national debate: The conservative Islamists criticize the enthusiasm of Büşra Nur with the headscarf, while AKP opponents question how her husband, who was a bureaucrat at the Ministry of Health, used to accumulate this fortune.

Following this discussion, social media revealed that Büşra Nur was not an exception, as some might think. And the debate has moved to another dimension: Erdogan’s Turkey, there is nothing to be surprised ostentatious piety and the blending of extravagant consumption. A Twitter account called “# AKPCocuklari edi documented the luxury of those who managed to get close enough to have a photo taken by President Erdogan.

When he came to power, Erdogan had refused to move from his modest home in a remote neighborhood of Ankara to the Prime Minister’s residence. Now in its eighteenth year in power, he boasted that he lived in one of the world’s largest houses. “Self-palace built in 1000 rooms” if their criticism , “Wrong, you know, there are 1150-odd rooms,” he answers.

Emine Erdoğan, his wife, who once hesitated to shake the hand of men, is now rich enough to travel with a $ 50,000 Hermes bag…

Most of the new Islamist riches came to this point thanks to state-funded foundations and public tenders, the award of closeness to the Erdogan family.

Şafak Çak , the popular interior architect of the Muslim society , says that the city’s new Islamic elite enjoys leaf thrones, Svarovski stones buried in parquets, giant screens broadcasting from the Kaaba, Louis Vuitton toilet papers and air conditioners spraying rose water.

Most of them, like Erdoğan, teach their children in America and prefer Maldives or Dubai for their holidays. The women are covered with a Dior scarf over Ferre’s topcoat, and Hermes walks around with bags in their arms.

Known for his radical Islamist views New Contracting newspaper writer Abdurrahman Dilipak, falling to a last summer language “veil bachelor party” images of the sharing As he wrote :

“’Modern conservatives’ have come to the point where your lips are cold. We now have halal beer, wine and champagne. There are ladies with hijabs playing at the yacht parties. There’s nothing to look for in the Gulf countries. This includes the relatives of politicians and bureaucrats. Haram money does not look like it is in the wallet. ”

Women with headscarves disagree with these criticisms. One of them reacted to this conservative pressure in another Islamist newspaper:

“We expect them to dress like their mothers why the likeness of her youthful women?” Text , why would deal DUğUylA what others wear conservative man, he was questioning they look at their moral behavior.

It seems that Islamic politics, which has been regarded as a provincial crop for many years, is becoming urbanized, secular and secular.

Western taste patterns and the passion of consumption are infiltrating to the most remote parts of society. Political Islam is having a hard time persuading women to call home for an election campaign. This is why Büşra Nur’s flamboyant wedding and mevlit videos have created such a great debate. Büşra Nur, shrugging similar criticisms of Islamists and secularists, “I have nothing to deal with them. I earn more than my wife and I give you my social media tax “, he said .

In 2012, Erdogan promised to nesil raise a religious generation ”. But Bekir, a reliable pollsters are heavy, this “social engineering” project that gave opposite results showed :

According to the research, the rate of prayers, fasting and head covering among young people has decreased gradually in the last 10 years. While the number of young people who defined themselves as “traditional conservative” or “religious azal declined, the percentage of those who defined themselves as“ modern i rose from 29 percent to 42 percent. He believes that this is not about the weakening of religious beliefs, but about urbanization. Thanks to technology, the rhythm of life has also changed. They have less time to worship. Therefore, young people today are very different from the previous generation with their moral and cultural forms. ”

The country’s secularists see the increasing visibility of headscarved women as a threat. Islamists are on the alert that the turban is not enough to protect women from the modern-secular way of life.

The new generation of Turkish Islamists is shaped by the double pressure of capitalist consumption and government-encouraged religiosity.



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