Wealthiest Countries in the World

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Wealth is measured in many ways. Some see it purely as the money you have, while others may look at net worth or your overall quality of life. The same goes when measuring the wealth of countries. Some countries, like Indonesia or China, may dominate the world in gross domestic product but have unlivable wages and poor living conditions for most.

To help wade through all the numbers and find the wealthiest countries in the world, we combined three metrics of wealth to see what countries deliver the best overall balance of gross domestic product (GDP), average income and Social Progress Index (SPI). Here’s our methodology.

Keep reading to see what countries landed on our 50 wealthiest countries list.

50. Costa Rica

Erin Donalson/Getty Images

GDP Rank: 79

Average Income Rank: 98

Social Progress Index Rank: 33 

Average Rank: 70

Bottom Line: Costa Rica

Jaco, Costa Rica.
Jaco, Costa Rica.JodiJacobson/Getty Images

Starting off our list of the 50 wealthiest nations is the tiny Central American nation of Costa Rica. Sure, its $60.1 billion GDP ranks just No. 79 and its $9,645 average income is No. 98, but it squeezes its way onto the bottom of our top-50 list with the help of a No. 33 ranking in SPI.

Costa Rica’s SPI gets boosts from high rankings in water and sanitation, access to nutrition and basic medical care and personal rights. There are a few flaws in its SPI that pull it down to No. 33, and those include a 36.36 score in access to advanced education, 65.66 score in personal safety and a 65.89 score in inclusiveness.

49. Croatia

xbrchx/Getty Images

GDP Rank: 78

Average Income Rank: 94

Social Progress Index Rank: 37

Average Rank: 69.3

Bottom Line: Croatia

Beautiful, old town of Hvar, Croatia, looking at the Adriatic Sea.
Beautiful, old town of Hvar, Croatia, looking at the Adriatic Sea.Rocky89/Getty Images

Croatia is not a country many will look at when thinking about wealth, and we can’t fault them with its $60.8 billion GDP ranking No. 78 in the world and its $10,314 average salary ranking No. 94. Where Croatia makes up ground is its No. 37 SPI ranking, which helps it land at No. 49 on our list of wealthiest nations.

This SPI ranking gets boosts from high scores in clean water and sanitation, access to basic medical care and access to basic knowledge. Like other European nations, Croatia struggles in inclusiveness (47.84 points) and access to advanced education (49.31), which pull its overall score down a fair amount.

48. Latvia

LeoPatrizi/Getty Images

GDP Rank: 102

Average Income Rank: 51

Social Progress Index Rank: 39

Average Rank: 63.7

Bottom Line: Latvia

Central Riga, Latvia, with Riga Cathedral and Daugava River in the background.
Central Riga, Latvia, with Riga Cathedral and Daugava River in the background.Marcus Lindstrom/Getty Images

This European nation’s $34.8 billion GDP in unimpressive, but its No. 39 ranking in SPI pulls it back into the fold.

High ratings in access to nutrition and basic medical care, clean water and sanitation, and personal rights boost its SPI ratings.

But a 44.34 score in access to advanced education and 51.14 score in inclusiveness drag it down.

47. Algeria

mtcurado/Getty Images

GDP Rank: 56

Average Income Rank: 58

Social Progress Index Rank: 75 

Average Rank: 62.7

Bottom Line: Algeria

Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea in Oran, Algeria, North Africa.
Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea in Oran, Algeria, North Africa.Leonid Andronov/Getty Images

The only African country on our list is No. 47 ranked Algeria. Algeria has no standout numbers, but its No. 56 ranked 180.7 billion GDP and No. 58 ranked $22,064 average income strike a balance that put it in the lower part of our top 50 wealthiest nations list.

Algeria struggles a bit in SPI at No. 75. While it gets OK scores in access to nutrition and basic medical care and access to basic knowledge, its 20.24 score in access to advanced education and 42.58 score in inclusiveness drag it way down.

46. Turkey

Nikada/Getty Images

GDP Rank: 19

Average Income Rank: 93

Social Progress Index Rank: 76 

Average Rank: 62.7

Bottom Line: Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey.
Istanbul, Turkey.Carmian/Getty Images

Turkey boasts a large GDP of $766.5 billion that puts it No. 19 in the world. This type of production should make it far higher in terms of wealth, but it has severe shortcomings in average income and SPI ranking. With the average Turkish worker pulling in just $10,380, Turkey ranks No. 93 in average income.

Turkey’s SPI doesn’t do it any favors at No. 76. While Turkey gets high marks in access to clean water and sanitation, and access to nutrition and basic medical care, it has huge issues in inclusiveness (24.33 points), access to advanced education (42.28 points), personal rights (43.07 points), personal safety (54.93 points), and personal freedom and choice (63.03 points).

45. Slovakia

rusm/Getty Images

GDP Rank: 63

Average Income Rank: 90

Social Progress Index Rank: 35 

Average Rank: 62.3

Bottom Line: Slovakia

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.
Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.QQ7/Getty Images

Landlocked Central Europe country Slovakia checks in at No. 45 on our list, despite a low GDP and average income.

Pulling Slovakia up our list is its No. 35 ranking in SPI, which it owes to its wide access to clean water and sanitation, access to nutrition and basic healthcare, and access to shelter. SPI takes a hit in access to advanced education at 39.97 points, but that is the norm in Europe.

Where Slovakia slides is its No. 63 ranked $106.5 billion GDP and No. 90 rank average income of just $10,653.

44. Romania

Adrian Catalin Lazar/Getty Images

GDP Rank: 49

Average Income Rank: 89

Social Progress Index Rank: 44

Average Rank: 60.3

Bottom Line: Romania

Bucharest, Romania.
Bucharest, Romania.Adam Petto/Getty Images

Romania may not be top of mind when thinking of the wealthiest nations in the world, but it checks in at No. 44 on our list thanks to its No. 49 ranked $239.6 billion GDP and No. 44 ranked SPI. The latter score is mostly due to the county’s superior access to nutrition and basic medical care.

Romania’s SPI suffers from a 38.75 score in access to advanced education and a 45.31 score in inclusiveness.

What pulls Romania deep down the list of wealthiest nations is its No. 89 ranked average income of $11,290.

43. Malaysia

chaolik/Getty Images

GDP Rank: 38

Average Income Rank: 92

Social Progress Index Rank: 50

Average Rank: 59.7

Bottom Line: Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Yongyuan Dai/Getty Images

Southeast Asia is underrepresented on this list, but Malaysia makes it just under the cut at No. 43 with a relatively high $354.3 billion GDP that places it No. 38 in the world.

Dragging it down the list is what troubles much of this region, average income. On average, workers earn just $10,460 per year, putting Malaysia No. 92 in the world.

Malaysia also falters a bit in the SPI at No. 50. Boosting Malaysia’s SPI score is high ratings in access to water and sanitation, shelter, nutrition and basic medical care.

Malaysia struggles in inclusiveness, access to advanced education and personal rights with scores of 40.98, 45.4 and 58.9, respectively.

42. Estonia

KavalenkavaVolha/Getty Images

GDP Rank: 104

Average Income Rank: 47

Social Progress Index Rank: 27 

Average Rank: 59

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