Jeff Bezos Invests $400M into Superyacht Machine

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A recent Twitter post has revealed Jeff Bezos has purchased a brand new super-yacht. And, it’s said to be worth approximately $400M. But, what’s that for a man who is set to earn $3,556 according to Business Insider.

Bezos’s new yacht is called the Flying Fox, built and designed in Norway in 2019 by the well-known yacht building company – Lurssen Yachts.

The superyacht is the 14th largest yacht on Earth, boasting 136 meters in length. Designed by the award-winning designer Espen Oeino, the Flying Fox features a stunningly eye-catching hull, as well as the interior.

Photo; Inside the Flying Fox

Flaunting a powerful engine of 12,000 horsepowers, the maximum speed it can develop is 20 knots.

What’s more, the yacht is built to accommodate up to 22 guests in 11 private and sumptuous cabins. Whereas, the crew staff sums up 54 people in 25 rooms. Because of the yacht’s recent release, we are unable to find any actual photos of the interior but above you can check the deck placements, as well as some exterior details.

Photo: Charles Van Rooy

It’s worth mentioning that the Flying Fox is built with a large pool area on the main deck, a cine, two helipads, a spa, a gym, a sauna, and a massage area. All these features add tremendous comfort the guests encounter allows them to forget the world day-to-day problems, fully immerse into the yacht’s luxurious environment and have a whale of a relaxing time.

Photo: Imperial Yachts

It’s a bit unexpected from Jeff Bezos buying a $400 million superyacht right from the bat after his recent divorce with his wife MacKenzie. Though a lot of people may think this is an excruciating moment in Bezos’s life, and it might actually be, he managed to show the bright side of the drama with his recent tweet. Jeff said that he doesn’t regret the 25 years he spent with MacKenzie and if he had the chance he would spend all of them all over again.

Perhaps it’s time for the richest man on the planet to take some time off with his brand new yacht and enjoy life.

In the main, the Flying Fox is undoubtedly worth checking it out due to its fantastic and enormous design. It will definitely leave you with a jaw-dropping expression on your face.



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