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Greece and the Great Powers

7/6/20 | 0 | 0 | 200 εμφανίσεις

In its modern history, Greece has never been more numerous or stronger as a force, in its efforts, to defend its independence and freedom. What is certain is that Greece succeeded because of its people that stand up for their lives and did not want to live without freedom. The same will happen now, if…

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Balkan journalistic conciliation

21/5/20 | 0 | 0 | 306 εμφανίσεις

By Pantelis Savvidis Erdogan and his power team are a problem for the whole region. They threaten peace and this can be considered a common finding. Even Turkish democratic journalists who did not submit to the aggressive nationalism of the Turkish president, who fantasizes about the greatness of the Ottoman Empire, agree with this statement….

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Το σχόλιο της ημέρας

    Η είδηση που δημοσιεύει το ιστολόγιο της Deutsche Welle στα ελληνικά λέει πως η Γερμανική προεδρία θέλει να εμβαθύνει το διάλογο με την Τουρκία. Ο διάλογος, γενικώς, είναι καλός. Μπορεί να λύσει προβλήματα και να εκτονώσει εντάσεις. Για την Ελλάδα, ...

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