We are expecting a positive result in FYROM’s referendum, says minister George Katrougalos

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Alternate Foreign Minister George Katrougalos estimated that there will be a positive answer in the referendum in FYROM on the Prespes agreement in an interview with Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Saturday

He referred to a double crucial issue one day before the opening of the ballots in the neighbouring country.

“ For both countries, it means the end of a bitter argument that could have been positively solved in the 90s. Especially to FYROM, offers a clear way for its European prospects. On the other side it is a positive message for the peace and stability in a region that was always Europe’s powder keg”.

He also expressed the hope the participation (in the referendum) to be high and to leave no doubt on the result.

In parallel, he expressed his certainty that there will be the necessary majority in the Greek parliament for the Prespes agreement to pass.

Asked on Independent Greeks (ANEL) position on the FYROM name issue he said that “ if our partners in the government (ANEL is the junior party that participates in SYRIZA government) decide to leave from the government, then it is obvious that the current governing formation will not continue as it is” noting that the government will remain because it still has the people’s mandate and this can change only if a motion of censure is tabled and is voted by the parliament’s majority.

Referring to New Democracy (ND), he accused the main opposition party of inconsistency and said that ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis swings on a political pendulum. He explained that Mitsotakis says other when he is in Europe and other when he is in Greece

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