‘Two countries, one nation’

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We are in Pakistan, one of the few countries that deserve the label of a brotherly and friendly country. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan arrived in the capital Islamabad with a broad delegation, including six ministers for the 6th High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council meeting.

For miles along the road from the airport to the hotel where the president was going to stay, we were greeted with large photographs of Erdoğan and smaller photographs of Pakistan’s prime minister and Erdoğan side by side, captioned by placards with a bilingual slogan, “Two countries, one nation.”

Turkey-Pakistan relations were slightly strained last December when Prime Minister Imran Khan withdrew at the last minute from the Kuala Lumpur summit, which was held in Malaysia with the participation of Turkey, Qatar and Iran. However, pointing to Saudi Arabia, the main perpetrator, rather than Pakistan, President Erdoğan said: “Unfortunately, we see Saudi Arabia putting pressure on Pakistan. Now, there are promises they have made to Pakistan about the central bank. But above all, 4 million Pakistanis work in Saudi Arabia. They say, ‘We will send them back and take the Bangladeshis instead,’ and so on. On the other hand, Pakistan, which has major economic troubles, had to take a different stance on the issues about the central bank, facing threats such as ‘We will withdraw money.'”

Khan went to Malaysia first in an attempt to mend the relations, promising to attend the next summit. In an interview with Anadolu Agency a few days ago, he conveyed warm messages, saying: “Pakistan is grateful to President Erdoğan for the solidarity with Kashmir that he showed in his speech at the United Nations.” In addition, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said in a note issued ahead of the visit that they were on Turkey’s side on the Cyprus issue.

On the other hand, as far as Kashmir is concerned, Pakistan has really been left alone. India’s invasion in violation of international law, its attempt to rule the population of 8 million with 900,000 soldiers, and its punitive policies, such as the curfew that has been in force for six months now and mass arrests, have not received reactions from the world.

The visit is expected to lead to steps to boost trade volume between the two countries, develop various projects from energy to transportation and boost military cooperation.

Turkey has a special place in the heart of the Pakistani nation, the grandchildren of ancestors who sent their gold to support the national struggle or who rebelled in the British Army from Iraq to Singapore to avoid firing a bullet at Ottoman troops. In return, Pakistan has a special place in the heart of the Turkish nation, which continues to honor this history of brotherhood.

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