The Amazing Warships That Are The Beyond Futuristic!

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Warships are the epitome of power. Mighty ships are constantly being innovated and developed to ensure that if a war does break out, it will provide the best protection on the high seas. These bad boys will impress you no doubt, they are going to change the future.

USS Coronado

The USS Coronado is a whopping 418 ft in length and can travel 54 miles per hour. It is named after Coronado, California and has been designed specifically for the US army. The Coronado’s aim is centered on defeating coastal threats and providing available access for naval missions. The Coronado was launched on January 14, 2012 by Susan Keith. Susan is the daughter of Eleanor Ring, the person who was responsible for christening the original USS Coronado in 1966.

USS Zumwalt

This monster machine cost around $4 billion to create, specifically for getting close to an enemy coastline and then using its advanced gun systems which were designed for long range attack of 60 miles. However, just three weeks after commissioning the USS Zumwalt, the U.S. Navy encountered an issue. They discovered that the ammunition that was specially developed for the ship’s gun systems were far too expensive, approximately a gigantic sum of $800,000 a round. That mission was quickly aborted, but they are working out a cheaper solution.

HMS Defender

The HMS Defender was custom designed for the British Royal Navy. It is the eighth ship to have been bestowed with that name and the fifth ship of that kind to be built for the Royal Navy. The ship was launched in 2009 and after she completed her initial sea trials, she was finally commissioned in March 2013. She’s a beauty.

USS Independence

The USS Independence (LCS-2) is the sixth ship that was built for the US Navy. This beast of a machine has multiple talents and can hunt down submarines, mow down mines, fight against smaller boats and what’s more, all at the same time. The monster was launched on April 26, 2008. Its home is San Diego.


The Dixmude is a French Naval Ship and can carry more than 30 helicopters as well as a tank. She cost around $600 million to build. Wow. She is the third ship with this name and that belongs to the Mistral class. You will find her docked in Toulon which is her home port.

The Juliet Marine Ghost

The unbelievably amazing Juliet Marine Ghost can slyly move through water and not be detected. Think a Harry Potteresque invisibility cloak but in the sea. Wow we want one!

SAS Mendi

The SAS Mendi is part of the South African Navy and weighs over 3500 tonnes. If a war should break out, no need to fear, she has many different weapon launchers and machine guns as well as a very sophisticated radar system. It launched in 2003 and its home port is Simonstown, a beautiful location near Cape Town.

HDMS Absalon

This almighty machine comes from Denmark. We aren’t sure why they need a warship but anyway, she came to life in 2007 and can hold up to two helicopters. This ship is one of the largest Danish ships to belong to the Royal Danish Navy. If you want to know where she is docked, her home port is Frederikshavn, a Danish town in Northern Denmark.

HMAS Canberra

The humongous HMAS Canberra comes from, you guessed it, The Land Down Under, serving the Royal Australian Navy. Did you know that this monster can host more than a hundred vehicles at once or almost twenty helicopters? We didn’t think that was possible! The Aussie beauty was launched in 2011 with her motto: For Queen and Country. If anything should happen, she can safely hold over 1,000 troops.

HMS Agamemnon

Planning to be launched in 2020, The HMS Agamemnon will be an important part of the British Navy family that already includes six nuclear-powered submarines. These are no ordinary subs like The Beatles sing about, these have the ability to stay underwater for three months!

INS Vishal

With an estimated finish date of construction in 2023, the Indian Navy’s INS Vishal’s intends to replace aircraft with a whopping 1400 person capacity. This will, therefore, enable the ship to
be able to stay submerged for as long as needed.

French Frigate Forbin

Quite the masterpiece, this French ship works to protect from submarine threats and attacks. Part of its charm is that similar to some of its enemy ships, it can appear smaller than it really is under the radar. The F F F cost around $770 million to build and is over 500 ft long. The construction of the European lady was difficult, and many different subcontractors had to contribute to the building of its 14 sections.


The Steregushchy, yup we know it’s hard to say, is the latest toy to be added to the Russian Navy. Its main strategies are enemy submarines engagement, gun support and onshore missions. To build, it racked up a bill of between $120 and $150 million. The Russian Navy want to purchase at least 30 or even more than that of these types of ships.

HMS Queen Elizabeth

Of course, the HMS Queen Elizabeth is owned by the British Royal Navy. We are amazed to discover that she is the biggest naval war machine to be owned by the BRN. The mahoosive warship has the superpowers to attack quicker than its enemies will expect, and can even carry over 40 air crafts. It was launched in July 2014, but won’t be in service until 2020. Its home port is HMNB Portsmouth.

Admiral Gorshkov

You know what they say…one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The Admiral Gorshkov is an ex-Soviet carrier, that is now owned by the Indian Navy. They are giving it a slight face-lift to make it more personalized to their needs. The ship is named after a Soviet Naval officer at the time of the Cold War.

USNS Spearhead

The USNS Spearhead has the incredible ability to re-size and re-fit itself according to the bay, basically the lizard of the warship world. It can hold up to 41 men and is 337 ft long. The ship’s missions are for transportation of crew and equipment. A bit of a waste don’t you think?

TCG Heybeliada

This baby is the main squeeze of the Turkish Navy, and also goes by the name “Ghost of The Seas” due to its ability to float around unnoticed. The ship launched in 2008, she is approximately 326 feet long and can go at a maximum of 29 knots.

USS Enterprise

The launch of The USS Enterprise is due to happen in 2018. Fun fact, the USS Enterprise will be the third amazing aircraft carrier that will be personally made specifically for the US Navy. Countdown to 2027 when it will hit the high seas.

USS Gerald R Ford

The USS Gerald R Ford blows the HMS Queen out of the water, literally! Named after the President, she can hold more than seventy air crafts.

The USS America

The USS America can open up and hold smaller ships to be kept inside, just like those russian dolls we all had. It also boasts a gigantic deck especially for helicopters and even a hospital, just to take safety precautions. Its home port is San Diego, California, and owns its own motto: “Ready for War or Peace”.

The Amazing Warships That Are The Beyond Futuristic!

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