Trump-Russia investigationThe key questions answered

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Everything you need to know about the inquiry into Russian hacking, alleged collusion and Donald Trump, plus the latest news

By Tom McCarthy and Sam MorrisLast Updated 20 April 2018 The Guardian

Bigger than Watergate? Or a transparent sham? Whatever else it may be, the story of Donald Trump and Russia comes down to this: a sitting president or his campaign is suspected of having coordinated with a foreign country behind the scenes of the election that put him in office.

Trump strongly denies all wrongdoing and calls the inquiry a “witch-hunt”. But prosecutors see red flags everywhere.

The affair has the potential to eject Trump from the White House. But with the president protected by Republicans in Congress and impeachment a longshot historically, Trump’s fate probably lies in the ballot box.

How to use this guide: Select a question to start exploring our extensive guide. You will be offered related questions as you go.

The key questions

  • What are the most serious allegations?

  • Who’s running the investigations?

  • Timeline: what are the key events?

  • Who are the key people?

The analysis

  • What are the dangers for Trump?

  • Is this a ‘witch-hunt’ as Trump claims?

The latest developments

  • Whom has Mueller charged?

  • Who is Stormy Daniels?

The rest of the questions

Full background

  • What is Trump’s history with Russia?

  • Remember the Trump campaign?

  • How did Russia ‘hack’ the election?

  • What is in Mueller’s indictment of Russians?

  • What is the Nunes memo?

  • What did the Russians want from Trump?

  • How many Trump-Russia contacts were there?

  • What happened at Miss Universe 2013?

  • What is the Steele dossier?

  • Why was James Comey fired?

  • What was the Trump tower meeting?

  • What is WikiLeaks’ role?

The allegations in depth

  • What is collusion?

  • What is obstruction of justice?

  • What is abuse of power?

  • What are Trump aides accused of?

  • What is Manafort charged with?

  • Is collusion illegal?

  • What’s in the Michael Flynn plea deal?

Trump’s response

  • What does Trump say about the allegations?

  • Why are Trump’s attacks on the investigation significant?

  • Who are Trump’s lawyers?

Trump’s associates

  • Who is Mike Pence?

  • Who is Richard Gates III?

  • Who is Jared Kushner?

  • Who is Donald Trump Jr?

  • Who is Michael Flynn?

  • Who is Steve Bannon?

  • Who is Brad Parscale?

  • Who is Carter Page?

  • Who is Jeff Sessions?

  • Who is George Papadopoulos?

  • Who is Paul Manafort?

  • Who is Corey Lewandowski?

  • Who is Hope Hicks?

  • Who is Michael Cohen?

  • Who is Sam Clovis?

  • Who is Felix Sater?

  • Who is JD Gordon?

  • Who is Stephen Miller?

  • Who is Michael Flynn Jr?

  • Who is Roger Stone?

  • Who is Walid Phares?

  • Who is Donald McGahn?

  • Who is Reince Priebus?

  • Who is Kellyanne Conway?

  • Who is KT McFarland?

The Russians

  • Who is Sergey Kislyak?

  • Who is Aras Agalarov?

  • Who is Emin Agalarov?

  • Who is Alexander Torshin?

  • Who is Natalia Veselnitskaya?

  • Who is Rinat Akhmetshin?

  • Who is Irakly Kaveladze?

  • Who is Ivan Timofeev?

  • Who is Olga Polonskaya?

The politics of the investigations

  • Is Trump preparing to fire Mueller?

The politics of the investigations

  • How deep is the partisan split over this?

  • Why are Trump’s tax returns important?

  • Who is Robert Mueller?

  • Who’s on Mueller’s team?

  • What are the congressional inquiries?

  • What is the latest special counsel activity?

  • Who is Rod Rosenstein?

Other people

  • Who is Joseph Mifsud?

  • Who is Reality Winner?

  • Who is Dana Rohrabacher?

  • Who is Fethullah Gülen?

  • Who is Rob Goldstone?

Image sources: Getty/AP/Reuters/CQ Roll Call Inc. Additional images courtesy of Simon & Schuster Canada and Politico. Design and development by Sam Morris

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