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Here’s How to Pull Turkey Back From the Brink

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By  James Stavridis Erdogan gets more authoritarian, and closer to Russia and Iran, every day. But kicking him out of NATO would make things worse. 20 Οκτωβρίου 2017, 4:43 μ.μ. EEST Helping hand?  Photographer: Michael Reynolds/Bloomberg Since its founding nearly a century ago, Turkey’s foreign policy goal has been summed up in a simple phrase:…

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Trump, Tsipras and Washington’s wordsmiths: What is a “responsible debt relief plan” for Greece?

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By Alec Mally Director for Global Economic Affairs at IPEDIS Although much furor has arisen in Greece over the alleged high costs of the planned upgrade of part of the Greek F-16 fighter fleet ($1.1 billion) announced when Greek PM Tsipras met President Trump at the White House October 17th, much of this was offset by…

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Russia hands over fighter jets to Serbia

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By Associated Press PUBLISHED: 14:19 BST, 20 October 2017 | UPDATED: 15:19 BST, 20 October 2017 BATAJNICA, Serbia (AP) – Russia formally handed over six MiG-29 fighter jets to Serbia Friday, part of an arms delivery that has the potential to accentuate tensions in the war-weary Balkans. The ceremony at a military airport close to the Serbian capital, Belgrade was…

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Šekerinska: Transparency is essential for reforms

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By  EWB 20.10.2017   Radmila Šekerinska; Photo: Facebook / Radmila Šekerinska *In the last edition of its bimonthly briefing „Political Trends and Dynamics“, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) focused on emerging leadership in Southeast Europe. Specifically, it asked if there was “a Macedonian moment for the Balkans”. The following interview with Radmila Šekerinska is republished on our website with…

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Macedonia Has Provided a Blueprint for the Balkans

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Events in Macedonia have powerfully confirmed the thesis that it is not parties or foreign governments that bring about democratic change in  authoritarian regimes, but grassroots popular mobilization. Jasmin Mujanovic BIRN Macedonian PM and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev celebrated the election victory with his party teammates and supporters in Skopje. Photo: MIA The recent municipal…

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Death of the Nile  

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By Peter Schwartzstein  BBC The world’s longest river is sick – and getting sicker Booming populations have dirtied and drained it, while climate change threatens to cut its flow. And some fear that competition over its dwindling waters could trigger a regional conflict. The rains The rot starts at the source. For as long as…

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Why Doesn’t the U.S. Support Kurdish Independence?

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The Kurds are one of Washington’s closest and most reliable allies in the Middle East. An Iraqi soldier takes down a Kurdish flag in KirkukReuters KRISHNADEV CALAMUR   THE ATLANTIC 2:09 PM ET Want to receive exclusive insights from The Atlantic—while supporting a sustainable future for independent journalism? Join our new membership program, The Masthead. After World…

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Showdown in Sinai

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Recent terrorist attacks in Sinai show that the war against terrorism in the peninsula is escalating, reports Ahmed Eleiba A series of terrorist incidents rocked North Sinai this week. One attack on Sunday targeted the Karm Al-Qawadis checkpoint in Sheikh Zuweid, killing six security personnel. A second attack took place a day afterwards in Arish, where…

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The 10 Schools That Have Produced The Most Billionaires In The US

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Graduating from college isn’t a prerequisite to becoming one of the richest people in the US. But certain schools mint more billionaire graduates than others, according to an analysis by Forbes of the undergraduate degrees earned by the billionaires on its newly released 2017 Forbes 400 list. Harvard may boast the richest dropouts — looking at…

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The sooner Rex Tillerson resigns as secretary of state the better

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The guy with the thing from The Post has more thoughts on Tillerson. They’re not kind thoughts either. By Daniel W. Drezner October 18 at 8:15 AM The Washington Post Daniel W. Drezner is a professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and a regular contributor to PostEverything. President Trump…

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Struggle Over Kirkuk Puts the U.S. and Iran on the Same Side

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By DAVID ZUCCHINO and ERIC SCHMITTOCT. 18, 2017  The New York Times Iraqi security forces in military vehicles in Kirkuk on Tuesday. CreditAlaa Al-Marjani/Reuters BAGHDAD — When the Iraqi military battled Kurdish forces this week to reclaim the contested city of Kirkuk, the spectacle of one American-backed ally fighting another with American-supplied weapons was not the only incongruous sight. Another…

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Europe’s New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam

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by Giulio Meotti October 18, 2017 at 5:00 am  “The patrons of the false Europe are bewitched by superstitions of inevitable progress. They believe that History is on their side, and this faith makes them haughty and disdainful, unable to acknowledge the defects in the post-national, post-cultural world they are constructing.” — The Paris Statement, signed…

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7 things you need to know about Xi Jinping’s vision of a ‘new era’ for China

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 Wednesday, 18 October, 2017  South China Morning Post  Teddy Ng    cy During a 3½-hour long speech, Xi said the internal and external situations facing China were undergoing complicated changes which the party needed to address. Xi Jinping sets the agenda for China’s next five years He vowed to step up ideological guidance within the…

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China Is Quietly Reshaping the World

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The staggering scope of the country’s infrastructure initiative—and what it means for the international order Boys sit on a piece of styrofoam sheet as they search for crabs in front of the Gwadar port in Pakistan.Akhtar Soomro / Reuters ANJA MANUEL  The Atlantic The Pakistani town of Gwadar was until recently filled with the dust-colored…

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The Trump Doctrine

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Thomas L. Friedman OCT. 17, 2017  The New York Times President Trump at the White House on Tuesday. CreditDoug Mills/The New York Times Well, it took almost a year, but we now have the “Trump Doctrine.” It’s very simple. And, as you’d expect, it fits neatly into a tweet. On nearly every major issue, President Trump’s position…

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Turkey claims ‘no need’ for US, EU as Western ties deteriorate

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Ayla Jean Yackley October 16, 2017   ARTICLE SUMMARY After a week of sparring with the United States, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused European allies of undermining Turkey and dared them to walk away from EU membership talks.  REUTERS/Marko Djurica Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan looks on as he stands next to Serbia’s President Aleksandar…

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Το σχόλιο της ημέρας

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    Ανδρέας Πετρουλάκης21 ΟΚΤΩΒΡΙΟΥ 2017 Οι παλιοί ήσαν ευγενείς, διαβασμένοι και το κυριότερο αδιαπραγμάτευτα πασιφιστές. Η σύγχρονη εκδοχή των αντιεξουσιαστών, η εκδοχή της βίας, του μηδενισμού, της πυρπόλησης κάθε κοινωνικού αγώνα έχει πολύ περισσότερο ομοιότητα με τον γηπεδικό χουλιγκανισμό ...

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