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Why Putin Would Want the Cyprus Talks to Fail

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By Leonid Bershidsky JAN 16, 2017  What has been billed as the last chance for Greek and Turkish Cypriots to reunite the island nation appears to be tantalizingly within reach — but it might not get there without a nod from Russia.   Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded to prevent the island from being swallowed…

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The Geopolitics of 2017 in 4 Maps

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BY GEORGE FRIEDMAN AND JACOB L. SHAPIRO JANUARY 16, 2017 International relations and geopolitics are not synonymous… at least, not the way we understand them at Geopolitical Futures. “International relations” is a descriptive phrase that encompasses all the ways countries behave toward one another. “Geopolitics” is the supposition that all international relationships are based on…

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Udo Ulfkotte: Europe’s Courageous Journalism Voice Has Passed Away

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By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Global Research, January 15, 2017 Paul Craig Roberts On January 13, Udo Ulfkotte died, reportedly of a heart attack. Ulfkotte had been an editor at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitzung. He published a courageous book in which he said that the CIA had a hand on every significant journalist in Europe,…

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Trump s’adresse aux Européens dans un entretien iconoclaste à « Bild » et « The Times »

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Cinq jours avant son entrée à la Maison Blanche, le président élu évoque l’Europe dans deux quotidiens conservateurs, l’un allemand et l’autre britannique. Angela Merkel ? Elle a fait une « erreur catastrophique » avec les réfugiés. L’OTAN ? Une organisation « obsolète ». Le Brexit ? « Un succès » qui devrait conduire d’autres pays à « quitter » l’Union européenne. Cinq jours avant son…

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A Practical Vision of a More Equal Society  

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 Thomas Piketty JUNE 25, 2015  ISSUE The New York Review of Books. Inequality: What Can Be Done? by Anthony B. Atkinson Harvard University Press, 384 pp., $29.95 Toward a New Radical Reformism Anthony Atkinson occupies a unique place among economists. During the past half-century, in defiance of prevailing trends, he managed to place the question of…

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The Clinton Foundation Shuts Down Clinton Global Initiative

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On January 12, a WARN notice was filed with the New York Department of Labor—the main office of the Clinton Global Initiative would be closing Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Mark Wilson/Getty Images The Clinton Foundation’s long list of wealthy donors and foreign government contributors during the 2016 elections provoked critics to allege conflicts…

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For Israel, energy boom could make friends out of enemies

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BRYAN DENTON/NEW YORK TIMES The Atwood Advantage drilling ship is probing the floor of the Mediterranean Sea, where lies one of the biggest natural gas fields discovered in the world in recent years. By Peter Baker NEW YORK TIMES   JANUARY 14, 2017 ABOARD THE ATWOOD ADVANTAGE — In the ship’s control room, facing four…

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Trump officials might be expecting E.U. to fall apart this year, U.S. envoy says

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European Union flags fly at half-staff in front of the European Commission building in Brussels on July 15, the day after a gunman smashed a truck into a crowd in Nice, France, killing at least 84 people. (John Thys/AFP/Getty Images) By Michael Birnbaum January 13 The washington Post. BRUSSELS — President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team…

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Unlike Obama, Trump will be a more reliable ally, Turkish leadership believes

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MEHMET ÇELIK@mcel0 Daily Sabah ISTANBUL PublishedJanuary 12, 2017   President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan speaking during the 33rd mukhtars (local officials) meeting in Ankara, Jan. 4. President Erdoğan implicitly called on the upcoming U.S. administration to be transparent with Turkey, while reiterating Ankara’s willingness to repair ties with the U.S. which soured during the Obama administration particularly…

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There are high hopes for Cyprus reunification talks — even as they hit another impasse

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By Max Bearak January 13 The Washington Post Cyprus leaders seek deal in ‘historic opportunity’ for peace The leaders of both sides of ethnically divided Cyprus have sought to temper hopes of a swift breakthrough in unification talks that started on Monday, initially focusing on how to handle property disputes stretching back more than 40…

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Erdogan Says Troops Will Be in Cyprus ‘Forever,’ Complicating Hopes of Reuniting

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By NICK CUMMING-BRUCE and ANDREAS RIRIS JAN. 13, 2017 The New York Times. A man on Thursday crossed a United Nations buffer zone that divides an area controlled by Greek Cypriots and one controlled by Turkish Cypriots in Nicosia. CreditPetros Karadjias/Associated Press GENEVA — Turkey’s president declared on Friday that Turkish troops would remain in Cyprus…

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We Are on the Verge of Darkness

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The global rise of populism is a dangerous threat to democracy and human rights. And if it goes unchecked, the rollback of Western values could be staggering. BY KENNETH ROTH JANUARY 12, 2017 Foreign Policy The global rise of populists poses a dangerous threat to human rights — which exist to protect people from governments. Yet…

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U.S. Policy on Turkey

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James F. Jeffrey and Soner Cagaptay The Washington Institute. TRANSITION 2017: Policy Notes for the Trump Administration January 2017   The Trump administration should revamp policy toward Turkey to emphasize a transactional approach to critical bilateral issues, counsels two leading experts on U.S.-Turkish relations. In the first in a series of Washington Institute presidential transition papers…

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Authoritarianism in Macedonia

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How the Country’s Progressives Can Best Oppose Gruevski By Fabio Mattioli FOREIGN AFFAIRS  Around 11 pm, on Sunday, December 11, 2016, the Republic of Macedonia discovered that its two main parties had finished neck and neck in early parliamentary elections. Supporters of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, leader of the incumbent Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization–Democratic Party…

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Official: Cyprus security talks break, resume after Jan. 18

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, center, speaks next to Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades, right, and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, left, during a press conference after the Conference on Cyprus, on the sideline of the Cyprus Peace Talks, at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017. (Laurent Gillieron/Pool Photo…

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Cyprus: A historic venue of big power intrigues

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FILE- In this July 20 1974, file photo Turkish troops pull ashore a Greek Cypriot torpedo boat damaged during fighting in Kyrenia on the day Turkey invaded and occupied the northern third of Cyprus. Talks on reunifying the small Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus are now at a critical juncture with top officials from Britain,…

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Το σχόλιο της ημέρας

    φωτογραφία αρχείου. Οι χαμηλές θερμοκρασίες είναι ασυνήθιστες για τη χώρα. Και ορισμένα σχολεία στο Δήμο Θεσσαλονίκης έχουν μεγάλο πρόβλημα με τη θέρμανσή τους. Θα αναφέρω το παράδειγμα του 5ου Λυκείου, το οποίο στεγάζεται στα τόλς μπροστά από το Μέγαρο ...

Ροή ειδήσεων

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    Ποιες είναι οι 13 χώρες που διαθέτουν αεροπλανοφόρα
    Το κόστος αλλά και το δόγμα του κάθε στρατού είναι καθοριστικοί παράγοντες Δεκατρία πολεμικά ναυτικά σε όλο τον κόσμο, διατηρούν στις τάξεις τους τριάντα εννέα σκάφη, που οι ειδικοί, τις ιστοσελίδας που καταγράφει τις εξελίξεις που έχουν να ...

    17/1/17 | (2 σχόλια)
    Η Βρετανία εγκαταλείπει την ενιαία αγορά
    Θα επιδιώξει μια συμφωνία όσο το δυνατόν πιο ελεύθερου εμπορίου με την Ε.Ε. των 27  Η Μεγάλη Βρετανία δεν θα επιδιώξει να παραμείνει μέλος της ενιαίας ευρωπαϊκής αγοράς μετά την αποχώρησή της από την Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση, ξεκαθάρισε η πρωθυπουργός ...

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    Η ψευδοβουλή ενέκρινε το νομοσχέδιο για συνεργασία Τουρκίας-κατεχομένων στα θέματα ενέργειας Άνοιξε ο δρόμος για την «παντοκρατορία» Ερντογάν, αφού η τουρκική Βουλή πέρασε στον πρώτο γύρο το νομοσχέδιο για τη συνταγματική αναθεώρηση Με την απαιτούμενη πλειοψηφία των τριών πέμπτων, την ...

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    Αύριο στο Μον Πελεράν ξεκινούν οι υποβαθμισμένες συζητήσεις για το ζήτημα της ασφάλειας και των εγγυήσεων Συνεχίζεται στο παρασκήνιο ο υπόγειος πόλεμος για να «κοπεί» ο Νίκος Κοτζιάς. Χωρίς δισταγμό οι Τούρκοι προσπαθούν να δημιουργήσουν ένα νέο «υδροκέφαλο» κράτος ...